Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Morning After: Believers Never Die, Part 2

So I'm known for being a concert junkie. I love them. I have seen over a dozen bands in concert. There is something about the rush of the crowd, and the blaring of the amps that i just love. I get a thrill from it. I saw my first concert at age 15 with my High School Sweetheart. We went and saw Disturbed with Mudvayne. Yeah, i was one of those girls. You know the kind with bleach blond hair wearing combat boots.

So last weekend, Mommy Sis, UNC-Sis and I drove out (from 3 different cities) to see Fall Out Boy at the Believers Never Die, part 2 concert. This is actually the second time i've seen FOB in concert. I saw them a couple years ago with the All-American Rejects and it was awesome then. The 4 hour drive and being stuck in traffic to park sucked but the concert was so worth it. My sisters and I actually missed the opening act, Hey Monday, but we caught everyone else. So heres a run through of bands:

All Time Low-We show up in the middle of their set. For a band i had never heard of i was really impressed. The music was good and the band was awesome. They were really funny and grateful to be on concert. Plus not a bad looking group of guys. The highlight was when the guitarist jumped off the stage and then climbed the scaffolding to stand in the bleachers behind the pit. It was awesome and you could tell he loved the attention.

Cobra Starship- Another really great band, although i think i liked All Time Low better. The lead singer was kind of an attention hog, not that its a bad thing. I think most lead singers love the spotlight. Music was good. They talked about Samuel L. Jackson and Snakes on a Plane (they did a song for the soundtrack). But the highlight was Victoria Asher on Keytar. That girl could rock out a stage, hold her own with the boys and do it all while wearing a really tiny strapless purple dress. Gold star to her!

50 Cent- now I don't listen to much rap music. Every once and awhile i might listen to something by Kayne West (even though i think he's a tool) but thats about the limit for me. So i was pretty surprised when i found out 50 Cent was replacing Metro Station for my concert. I was hesitant before he came on stage that i wouldn't like him. But when he came out rocking a New Jersey devils jacket and hat, I couldn't not give him a chance. The jersey girl in me just had to. And he was good, very entertaining and not nearly as bad as i thought he would be. I'm not going to rush out and buy his cd, but i would see him on concert again. Plus that man's kinda hot.

Fall Out Boy- I have to say they were better in concert this time. It might just be because i knew more of their songs this time too. They put on a really great stage show. They had video segments playing between costume changes. Pete Wentz was signing autographs to hand out during the show. I firmly believe the guitarist and the drummer were in a head-banging contest (with their ridiculously long hair) for most of the concert. It was mayhem and i loved every second of it. They didn't play every song i wanted them to, but that is to be expected. My sisters and I managed to get soo close to the stage we could have thrown something and hit them. It was awesome.

Now i'm off to find the next concert i'm going to go to.


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