Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cartoon Nostalgia: Daria

So Daria is a cartoon from my adolescences and not my childhood but it was so awesome that i don't care and i'm including it in my Cartoon Nostalgia series anyways.

Daria was a show on MTV about a high school girl named Daria Morgendorffer, who moves to Lawndale with her family. Daria is smart, overly cynical and critical of just about everything. The show centers around her life and school. Daria's life is filled with carictures of people you would meet in everyday life. There is the really stupid high school quaterback and his equally idiotic head cheerleader girlfreind. There's Jodi, the token black overachiever girl. Jane Lane, Daria's Best friend, the starving artist with MIA parents. Daria's younger sister, Quinn, is obsessed with fashion and boys and pretends that her sister doesn't exist. Daria's mother is the primary breadwinner former hippie, and her father is overly-anxious, quick to anger and can't get his business off the ground. The show dealt with trying to be a smart, funny, critical girl in a world where you don't fit it.

Daria was actually a semi-good role model for girls. Yes, she was cynical and critical of everything. But she was smart and dealt with the life she was given. She is certainly a better role model than any of the girls on Gossip Girl. She definitly hit a nerve with my generation. So much she has her own Wiki. Unfortunatly due to copyright problems with the way MTV used music in the show, they have unable to get Daria to DVD. However, i managed to stumble across a website where you can watch full episodes online, except several episodes are only available in French. Damn my horrible language skills!

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