Sunday, April 19, 2009

Because I Need One More Problem

So it never fails that when one thing goes wrong everything starts to go wrong. It's the end of the semester in grad school. I'm swamped with papers and readings and conferences and that has been taking up every second of the time i have. I already don't have enough time to deal with what i'm already dealing with, and then theres my dog and my actual life to deal with too. So i drove out to my alma mater this weekend for a conference, even though i needed to be home doing work (I couldn't get out of this conference). As i'm driving there i hear grinding when i brake, and all i think is oh fucking no. Not the brakes, not this week, i don't have the time to deal with this. But it got progressively worse as i drove home today. So i'm having to take off work (at least part of) tomorrow to deal with my brakes. It sounds like one of my brake pads went and now its grinding the roters, which sucks even more. And i have to go out of town again on friday and i can't drive it with no brakes. Its just the worst possible time for this to happen because I have to work, i have three papers i have to deal with, and classes and life.

It never fails that when one thing goes wrong in my life everything else follows suit.
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