Monday, April 13, 2009

Attack of the Kitty

So I went home for Easter, even though I really didn't have the time to take off from homework. But I never get to see my family and its totally going to get crazy at my parents house soon, so it was better to go now rather than try to go later. So I loaded Nixon up in the car and we went home.

Now my parents have 3 pets:
  1. Buddy- a Tree Walker Coonhound
  2. Bella- a Cornish Rex cat
  3. Chewie- a Tortoiseshell cat
Now, I have lived with all 3 of these pets for years. Chewie (short for Chewbacca) is actually my cat, meaning she takes me more than any other member of the family. We got Chewie as a feral kitten after her mother got hit by a car and a co-worker of my moms found Chewie and her siblings all alone by her house. Now we've had Chewie probably 5-7 years. She's had two litters of kittens and she's a great cat. We let her outside and she goes off to do whatever and comes back to be fed.

So imagine my surprise this weekend when i come home and go to take Nixon outside for a walk, when Chewie comes upon us and attacks. I was on the backporch and Chewie just comes up and attacks my dog. Nixon freaks out because he has never been attacked by a cat before. He's whimpering under my legs, so i pick him up as Chewie is hissing at us. Well then Chewie starts attacking my pant legs. Now the pants i were wearing were loose fitting, so she only got cloth and not my legs. At this point i don't know what to do and keep moving a chair in front of Chewie trying to get around her and off the backporch. Luckily, Mommy Sis saw what was going on and opened the door and distracted Chewie for long enough for us to jump off the porch. But then Chewie chased us around the side of the house to the front lawn and across the street. It's hilarious now, but at the time it wasn't.

So i leave and walk the dog around the block and come back to the house to find Chewie sitting under Mommy Sis's truck waiting for us. So i stand on the corner across the street talking to my sister while we try to figure out how were going to get Nixon back into his kennel in the garage with Chewie attacking us. As were talking, Chewie comes running across the street for round 2 with my dog. At that point i walked my dog to my grandparents (who live maybe 2 blocks from us) and talked to them for a half an hour. My Grandpa gave me a squirty bottle of water incase Chewie was still waiting for us, but she was in the house by the time i got back.

So the next morning, I'm recounting this story for my mom (who assures me Chewie has had her rabies shot) and my mom is laughing. She's like Chewie such a good attack cat; she protects the house. Then she told me Chewie did the same thing about a week ago with Mommy Sis's dog, Emma. I just don't get how my cat goes from sweet and adorable to mean and scary in under 5 seconds.


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