Monday, March 30, 2009

Why Do You Care?

So I love my friends. I would do anything for them, willing to go along with their crazy plans, and would bail them out of jail (if i didn't end up in jail alongside them). But seriously, they are way too concerned with my love life. Technically it is the lack thereof. G-Fab doesn't really meddle too much because he doesn't know that many straight men anyways. My other BFF, Songbird, is too busy dealing with her own love life to bother with mine. Guys like throw themselves all over her and she is just too nice and too great to have it ever be a problem. Ancient Civ Chick (ACC), on the other hand, has been in a serious relationship for like ever. Somewhere along the line she has taken it upon herself to want to find me a boyfriend.

While i love her for wanting to help me, I would have to want to help me for this to work. I'm just not concerned with my love life, at all. I'm in graduate school, i have friends who i can rely on, i have my family to make me crazy, and i have my dog to fawn all over; Why do i need to add dating to that mix? Yes, there is a part of me who would like a boyfriend (mostly cause i really miss sex) but not enough to actually work for it. I'm not hideously grotesque, over 500 pounds, or criminally insane; I am capable of finding a boyfriend on my own. I just sort of don't.

So the other night ACC decided she was going to make me a account (i don't actually think she will do this) because she watched 5 episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker and decided i was better than all those girls (because i'm not a money-grubbing whore). How that translated into a account i have no idea. Then G-Fab wanted in on the action and is now going to help her write my profile. I love the fact that they want to help me (even though they threaten this shit all the time and never follow through) but i don't understand why. I think ACC is living vicariously through me because she hasn't dated in 7 years. I guess i don't get the appeal of trying to get someone else a boyfriend. *shrugs* I always was a strange girl. But if it makes them happy, I am willing to let them go about doing it. It's not like i actually have to go out with these guys right?

Why do i feel like I'm having a lady doth protest too much moment?...
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