Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Whose Being Trained Here?

So some of you might remember awhile back i was looking to get a dog. While I did eventually find a dog that suited my requirements and well my apartment complex's requirements. I ended up adopting a 3 year old Border Terrier from the Humane Society not far from where i live. Now I'm pretty sure this is a no Kill Shelter and this dog is adorable, so there was little chance he would have been put down; so feel free not to tell me how i saved this dogs life.

Anyways, I named the rascally little fella Nixon. Yes, Nixon after the president. I realize that many people don't have good connotations of the name but i wanted some sort of Historical name (since i am a Historian) and to be fair Nixon wasn't a half-bad president. He just got caught being stupid, which is the curse of being a president. The name fits the dog too, because i am always catching him doing something he shouldn't be doing.

The problem with Nixon is that the humane soceity said he came in as a stray. So he either was a stray or the people who had him before me left him outside because he has no house-manners whatsoever. I've had him less than a month and he still hasn't gotten potty training down (yes, i'm crate training him. He just doesn't seem to care). The problem with Nixon and Me is well, Me. The dog isn't bad; he just doesn't know better. And i am a sucker from his sad little brown eyes and give in alot. He's come along nicely though. He knows sit and lay down and he's trained to sit before i will throw his ball. My problems have been house training him and teaching him not to nip me.

The nipping is problematic. He's pretty good about not doing it unless i'm sitting down. Then he doesn't seem to stop. And i have tried everything to get through to him. I tried yelling "ouch" and leaving. I tried spraying him with a water bottle. I tried popping his nose. So far all three methods just get the same reaction: He gets high strung and starts barking and nipping at me more. Last night i got so fed up, I seriously contemplated muzzling him. But I hate to do that to my baby, and i know the problem isn't him, its me. Plus he was so good last night after he settled down I let him sleep with me (which i never do) and he didn't nip me or wake me once. So i just have to find a method to get through to my dog with.

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