Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Break Roadtrip: part 3

Hours 6:30-9

When we last left our heroes: They had dealt with a smug man in Gettysburg, saw great license plates for Failblog and G-Fab had a happy meal, which actually did make him happy. So we left Gettysburg and continued our roadtrip to G-Fab's college. At this point it was getting late and we had been on the road for nearly 10 hours, which is entirely too long to be in car.

So we stopped at 7 in Harrisburg, PA for dinner, where G-Fab and I played our favorite game: Rate the Guys. We tend to do this at every restuarant we go to because A. we're whores (no, not really) and B. because it passes the time. Now i should note that G-Fab and I don't think we are particularly attractive, not to say that we are ugly, but neither of us are models (we're not 10's). So when we do this it is not because we have some huge Egos and think we are the hottest shit in the buildings, nor do we have fun tearing apart other people. We typically do this to see how far apart our attraction levels are (and they are quite far apart), plus in a perfect world maybe one day I'll take a guy home because of this system. I chose one of the workers behind the counter, who G-Fab said looked like Morgan from Chuck (see picture) except taller. And G-Fab chose another worker who reminded me of the friend from Ferris Buller.

The highlight of dinner was the waitress asking where we were from, and then me totally freaking out when she knew of the town my parents live in (which is where i tell people i'm from even though i'm not really from anywhere). For the record i freak out when people in NC know the that town because its seriously like a two stop-light town in the middle of no-where. The waitress got an extra large tip for that (well extra large for a 21 dollar check). And we got back on the road again. The rest of the trip really ins't that interesting unless you want to hear about G-Fab's adorable yet incredibly-needy sort-of boyfreind or my ears popping and the altitude sickness i was getting from going up and down mountains. It was my first trip to the mountains ever. We arrived safely at G-Fab's around 9ish, where we promptly passed out. And we spent the entire next two days watching the first season of the Tudors (hey, i am a history chick).

6:58-[G-Fab]: He's too fabulous to contain in one body.

9:00- [C.Rose]: Is it sad my New Years Resolution is to get laid?

9:30-[G-Fab]: I can't believe I'm so butch.


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