Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break Roadtrip: part 2

Hours 1:00-6:30

When we last left our heroes: Rose and G-Fab were on their way to PA after stopping at a really scary gas station. So we hit the road again and drove through VA. Know i've been through Virginia dozens of times and its a pretty state but much like NC it's basically all trees. So there isn't a whole lot of interesting things we saw. Around 1:30ish, we stopped for lunch at McDonald's where we found this painted on the wall. Now I've never seen an amputated hamburgler before, but i'm assuming they exist. What struck G-Fab and I as particularly odd was that he is skateboarding. Now i imagine that is rather hard to do on with one leg and on your knees. If anyone out there who reads my blog (the whole 4 people) have ever seen an amputee skateboarding or know how they would do it, please explain it to me.

Anyways, after G-Fab finished his happy meal, we were back on the road. Yes, a grown man eating a happy meal is a little odd but he got a toy venom (from spiderman) and it became the mascot for our trip. I'd love to tell you we saw some really interesting things but we didn't. We mostly saw traffic in and around DC. I tried to take a picture of the back up but it didn't come out too well. The most interesting things we saw was licenses plates on a couple cars. First was the hummer with the plate stating "Poetry." That's ironic in itself but the second car was better. G-Fab tried to get us close enough to take a picture for FailBlog but we never managed to. Anyways it was a plate with one of those little wheelchair/disabled pictures with the letters stating "surfer boy." Now really, i have a hard time imagining those two things together. Much like the amputee hamburgler, I have to wonder how a disabled person is surfing. Around 5:30 we hit Gettysburg where we were accosted by an employee who doesn't understand that tour guides are not always necessary (Full Story Here).

3:19-[G-Fab]: Oh No! The Titanic is sinking

3:25-[G-Fab]:You got hit by the ugly tamale.

4:26-[C.Rose]: Dance Break!

5:32-[G-Fab]: It's okay, he drives a Kia.


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