Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spring Break Roadtrip: part 1

Hours: 8:30-1:00

So Spring Break fell on the same week for me and my best friend G-Fab (Otherwise known as Geoff the Fabulous), so he came down to NC to visit his family and picked me up to drive back to PA with him. So G-Fab and i meet in undergrad and we were basically Best Friends from the moment we met, and even though we go to grad school 4 states away, we're still basically inseparable. In fact G-Fab made the comment that even though we haven't seen each other since Christmas, it was like we picked up just where we left off.

So we left my parents house at 8:30 AM (where i left my dog and car) and hit the road for PA. We stopped at Bojangles (see our cups) because G-Fab can't get good sweet tea in PA. I myself am not really a fan of sweet tea. Somewhere around 10:30 G-Fab realized i was not really coherent because i was talking to a recent conference i went to and instead of saying presenter, i managed to say "presantator" and he proceeded to make fun of me.

So around 11 we stumbled into Newton's Grove and managed to find the scariest gas station ever; where the first pump tried to rip us off and we were going to leave but the manager came out and we didn't have to heart to be mean to him. Even though we thought we might get buried by an avalanche of used tires stacked up next to us. But we made it out alive and continued in our quest to PA.

MEMORABLE QUOTES: (In no particular context)

11:00-[G-Fab, reading the sign]: Newton's Grove; The Circle of Opportunity
11:01-[C.Rose]: Because whitey can't keep us down here.

12:00-[C.Rose]: You have a soul, it's just a little one.

1:00-[G-Fab]:Those nuts get me everytime.


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