Monday, March 2, 2009

Cartoon Nostalgia: Tiny Toons

So the second series in my Cartoon Nostalgia series is Tiny Toons.If you missed this show you missed some of the best cartoons of the 90's. It actually won several daytime Emmys. Headed up by Steven Spielberg, the show was basically the idea that all the original Looney Tunes characters run a high school and this is the second generation. Buster and Babs Bunny are the central characters and the are both reincarnations of Bugs Bunny; Pluck Duck takes the role of Daffy Duck; Fifi La Fume takes the role of Pepe Le Pew; and so on. The best part of this show was that they basically took the original Looney Tunes everyone loved and reinvented them for the modern age.

This cartoon still lives in my household. One of the characters a precocious red-head girl named Elmyra Duff, who loved animals. She was always trying to catch them and when she got them, she would hug and squeeze them until their eyeballs popped out and they were clawing to get away from her. My younger sister had a bad habit of wanting to love and hug on our pets when she was a child and it didn't work so well. She has been bitten and clawed more than any other member of our family; so we called her Elmyra, forever. Even now when she picks up an animal and trys to love on it we call her Elmyra and she's legal to vote. Anyways one of the funniest shows from when i was a kid. It inspired a movie and several video games; in fact one summer my cousin and I tried to beat the Tiny Toon Game for Sega (Yes, i had a sega) everyday for like 2 months. We got to the final level but we could never beat Elmyra (It still haunts me). Anyways i encourage you to find it on Youtube. If anyone can find the video of Baby Pluck duck flushing things down the toilet, it would be greatly appreciated; My mom and i have been trying to find it for months to show my stepdad.

EDIT: I Found it! Best Thing Ever!

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