Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do You Not Have the Weather Channel?

So i ran out tonight because i needed soda and i was having a craving for Taco Bell and Chocolate Chip Cookies (No, i'm not pregnant). And i get to Wal-mart and i'm trying to park and all these people pass me wearing shorts. Now, i live in North Carolina, which is not like living in Michigan but it does get cold here. We have a winter, it might not be -12 below but it does get cold enough to snow. This winter has been particularly fridiged for us, it's snowed a couple times and it hovers between 24-48 most days. We had a week that was particularly warm and it reached 70, but that was two weeks ago and its been cold since then.
So imagine my surprise when i'm walking around Wal-mart and there are people in shorts and flip-flops. Now this confused the hell out of me. It's cold as shit out. It could be snowing right now, the wind is howling and here are this dumb fuckers in shorts. No, what is wrong with you? Do you not have the weather channel? Are you impervious to wind? Do you not feel anything at all? because its cold out. I lived in NJ, i know when its cold. I used to walk from my car into my job in heels and 2 inches of snow. Listen i know this in NC and its supposed to be warm all the time, but its not and wearing shorts and flip-flops when its cold only makes you look like a dumbass (or Canadian, which they get a free pass). Buy some damn jeans like the rest of us!
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