Thursday, February 12, 2009

Could We Possibly Drag This Out Longer?

If you managed to turn on the news and miss the whole A-rod steroid scandal; well, first i wonder if you've lived in a box? Second, apparently way back when in 2003 (like 6 years ago) A-rod admitted to doing steroids during anonymous MLB drug testing survey. So did 103 other MLB players. The test was supposed to be anonymous and A-rod claims he hasn't done them since. And since they initiated drug testing in 2004 to make sure players weren't doping and A-rod has come up clean, I tend to believe him.

Now i am not an A-rod fan. I had high hopes for the man when we first got him (especially after he broke a bat during practice in spring training). But his lack of performance in actual games and the fact that he is mildly obsessed with Derek Jeter has turned me off to him. For the record I worship at the alter of Jeter, and i resent the competition (I'm kidding of course). Needless to say A-Rod is never going to make my list of favorite Yankees players. He doesn't even make my list of top five current favorite Yankees players (Jeter, Posada, Joba, Rivera, Pettitte). He didn't even make last years Fantasy Baseball team and i have Red Sox's players on that (Because no can argue with the greatness of Beckett, Pedroia, and Ellsbury). Even though i have no love for A-rod i think this steroid scandal is ridiculous. Could we possibly drag it out longer? The man apologized, it was 6 years ago, he hasn't done it since. Can we get over it?

Personally, I think that they should release the other 103 names on the list. Why? Because i would rather have it all out in the open now rather than have another steroid scandal break out every 6 months. I mean we are never really going to get the integrity of baseball back. It will never be the same as when DiMaggio and Ruth played. But that is true of every sport. Steroids have changed the integrity of all sports forever. No matter how great a player is, fans will always wonder in the back of their minds if the players are doping. On top of that i'd hate to think baseball players are getting blackmailed over that stupid steroid list. Lets just have it out now so that it can be one big blip on the baseball radar rather than 104 tiny blips in succession. Maybe once it is all out in the open we, the baseball fans/fanatics, can move past it and get back to actually enjoying America's pastime.
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