Monday, February 23, 2009

Cartoon Nostalgia: Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers

So I grew up in the late 80's early 90's and i have a fond memory of those times in my life, although it was a strange time. So on Saturday mornings I get up and i make myself pancakes and i flip on the tv. So scrolling through the listing at 9-10 in the morning, I am always shocked by the lack of cartoons. Now i grew up with the best cartoons ever, and the ones I've seen my siblings watch nowadays just suck in comparison (I'm looking at you My Gym Partner's a Monkey). So i thought i would do a Cartoon Nostalgia series highlighting my favorite cartoons from when i was a kid (which albeit wasn't that long ago).

First up one of my all time favorites:
Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers. If you missed out on this show when you were a kid it really is a shame. It was one of the funnier shows (granted the 5 year old me had a very different sense of humor). The basic idea is that Chip and Dale, the two lovable chipmunks, start a detective agency. For those who never saw the old Disney cartoons. Chip is the smart logical one and Dale is the goofy, mischievous one.

Anyways they form a detective agency. They hire Monterey Jack, an Australian mouse, who has toured the world to help them. One of the funniest bits with Monterey Jack is that when he smells cheese his mustache curls up and he goes into this trance and like follows the smell. It causes some trouble. Along with Monterey Jack comes Zippy the housefly, who can't talk. The also hire Gadget Hackwrench, a female mouse, to be the team's pilot, mechanic, inventor, and because you have to have the token chick in a tv show. And basically they solved crime.

The show premise isn't all that elaborate but it was funny and geared for kids so it worked. I mean the evil villains were typically Cats or Lizards (because we all know how evil they are). The big thing is that show didn't try too hard. It was just good wholesome fun, and isn't that what you always want your kids watching. It might not be highbrow humor but it has to be better than Kappa Mikey. In fact the nostalgia craze has both a Volume 1 and a Volume 2 on DVD. Also episodes and the theme song can be found at Youtube.

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