Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Dog Dilemma

So I'm living in my first real apartment, and its all mine alone (unless of course my best friend drops out of grad school and moves in with me, which is always a possibility.) The problem is I have never lived without a pet. Growing up my whole life we've had a dog. The earliest dog i remember was a little Scottish terrier my grandparents had when i was five. But my family can tell stories of me with dogs younger than that. I love dogs. In fact i love all fuzzy little creatures. And my family has had alot of them. We've had everything from dogs and cats to prairie dogs and guinea pigs. The only pet i can't manage to keep alive is fish. But i live in an older apartment complex and they allow pets under 20 pounds. Although, that doesn't seem to matter as i have seen Labradors and other assorted larger dogs coming out of apartments.

So having never lived without a pet, i really really want one. I want a dog for multiple reasons mostly just because i want a little fuzzy pet to spoil. The problem is i really shouldn't get one. I'm only in this town for 2 years and then i'm going away to another school for my PHD. So i would have to find an apartment complex where ever i end up that allows pets. I have a very hectic schedule and fitting a dog into that just makes it that much more hectic. On top of that i like to go out of town for a couple days every so often just to visit friends and such, and i would have to find someone to take care of my pet. But none of that stopped me from going to the animal shelter today. I refuse to buy a purebreed anything for 200-1000 dollars, when i can go to the pound and get some poor defenseless pet that needs love. The problem is all the dogs there were too big. Even the smaller ones were bigger than a beagle, which is the biggest dog i would want in my apartment. I want something tiny like a terrier, but not a chihuaha (cause those dogs are creepy). And i don't really want a puppy either because you have to train them and thats a pain in the ass. Hopefully i will find a dog soon, or talk myself out of it again.

The pet search continues......

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