Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Confession: I'm a Tattoo Addict

I have a self-proclaimed Tattoo addiction. I love them. I had never seriously considered getting a tattoo until freshman year of undergrad. I had a roommate who wanted one and she rubbed off and made me want one too. I told my parents, who are the cool non-judgmental type, and they actually took us to get them. My stepdad has like 6 tattoos and my mom decided to get one upon hearing that i wanted to get one (she always beats me to the punch). So we went and i got my first one.

Now i get tattoos for a reason. I don't get them just because they look pretty, even though they do. I get them as a personal reminder to myself of something i don't want to forget. My tattoos are symbolic in a sense. My first tattoo was of a rose (pictured above). I realize that a million women have tattoos of a rose and i was hardly being original. But Rose is also my middle name. So I chose the rose as a symbolic act of remembering to be true to myself and who i am and where i come from.

Less than a year later I was back in the tattoo parlor picking out my second. There is this saying about tattoos being addictive and it's totally true. Once the shock wears off it doesn't actually hurt all that much. It sort of tickles and it becomes like an adrenaline thing. So I got my second tattoo (pictured left) of a moon and stars. Again i know not that most original tattoo ever invented. Stars are an incredibly generic tattoo to get. But i got them as a symbol of my dreams. There is a quote by Teddy Roosevelt that says

"Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground."
I interpret that quote to mean keep a level head as you go after your dreams even if everyone else doesn't understand. It's a symbolic idea for the little girl in me who never gave up on her dreams even when everyone else said it couldn't be done. There are still people telling me it can't be done and I'm still doing them.

Which brings me to the new tattoo I'm debating. It's been almost 5 years since i got my last tattoo. I've always wanted another one i just hadn't found what i wanted or where i wanted it. I always knew what i wanted it to symbolize. I wanted it to symbolize hope and faith. I've been mulling with it for years and it has gone through various incarnations from everything from a butterfly to a tribal design to what i think is going to be my final decision a phoenix (pictured right). I sort of saw the design and fell in love. It fits perfectly with the ideas of hope and faith. Even though a phoenix dies and burns from its ashes rises a new phoenix. So it reminds me to have hope that even when things are the darkest i will get through it. And it reminds me have faith in myself because no matter how many times i get knocked down i'm always going to rise again.

The problem is now i don't know where to get it. The most likely places are my inner right ankle or my hip. I love my tattoos but i believe they should be hidden at just about all times. I don't want future employment to not hire me based on my tattoos. The two i have currently are not seen unless i'm in a bikini. People who have known me forever have never even seen them. I like my ankle but i worry about skirts or heels. I like my hip but i'm wondering if that will look funny since one of my tattoos is on my lower bikini line. On top of that i haven't decided if i want to do the tattoo in color (because the colors are awesome) or in Black. With my other two tattoos being in color i wanted my third one to be a little less girly. Thoughts, comments, ideas are appreciated.
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