Friday, December 26, 2008

Ten Things Every Woman Should be Able to Do

The other night i was getting ready for Christmas when i realized I didn't know how to tie a tie. I've never actually had to wear a tie so there was no precedent for learning before. If you've ever watched old movies, or any movie for that matter, you will inevitably come across a scene where a woman ties a man's tie for him. It seemed like a fatal mistake that i did not know how to do that. What if i actually have to go to some fancy dinner with some future boyfriend and i couldn't help him with his tie? So i set about learning and it didn't take long to learn. But it made me realize there are just some things that every woman should know how to do. So i complied my list of the ten things every woman should be able to do:
  • Sew on a button
  • Change a tire on a car
  • Tie a tie
  • Hang a picture (with nails and a hammer, not sticky tabs)
  • Cook one really good dish from scratch
  • Hem a pair of pants
  • Check the oil in a car engine
  • Wear a pair heels
  • Drive a stick shift
  • Buy condoms
Yes, some of the things on the list seem simple. But believe me i have met plenty of woman who cannot walk in heels; it is not actually a skill woman are born with. And i know plenty of men and woman who are ashamed to buy condoms and like i told my sister: "If you are mature enough to have sex you are mature enough to go into a store and buy condoms." I cannot actually do everything on this list yet. I know how to change a tire on a car in theory but i've never actually done it and i still can't drive a stick shift. But i can do everything else on the list. At least i know what i've got to learn this year.
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