Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Morning After: When The World Comes Down

Title: When The World Comes Down
Artist: The All-American Rejects

Review: The follow up to the hugely popular Move Along, All-American Rejects mix altrock with pop to amazing success in When the World Comes Down (WWCD). The first single the incredibly catchy Gives You Hell is an ode to ex's everywhere, and will have you singing it for days. The whole Cd is like that a collection of singable songs guaranteed to get stuck in your head and have you dancing. The lyrics can be poignant and heart-felt in one second and totally tongue-in-cheek the next. WWCD is more pop than altrock but there is enough guitar rifts to sooth me into complacency.
Catherine Pierce of The Pierces duets with the band on by far the best song on the whole CD the haunting Another Heart Calls.

The biggest problem with the whole CD is the release date. Originally slated for a November release WWCD was pushed back to December 16 by the record company. A whole month is along wait for an AAR fan. But even worse that put the CD dropping on the same day as the new Fall Out Boy CD
Folie à Deux. Anytime AAR is forced to face FOB, the Rejects lose not because they are somehow not as good as FOB but because AAR isn't the publicity machine of Pete Wentz. But WWCD is far superior to Folie in lyrics and sound.

Songs to Download: Gives you Hell, Another Heart Calls, The Wind Blows, Believe

Songs to Skip: Damn Girl, Breakin'

Grade: A-


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