Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Morning After: Folie à deux

Title:Folie à Deux
Artist: Fall Out Boy

Review: Fall Out Boy's fifth studio album has some hits and misses. The lead off track, Disloyal Order of the Water Buffaloes, has the same kind of ironic, self-deprecating humor found in both Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Title of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued (From under the Cork Tree) and Thriller (Infinity on High), which makes it a good opening song. But the cd is a departure from the sound that made Fall Out Boy famous. They still have the irreverent song titles, the ever shifting lyrical puns, and the fantastic vocals of Patrick Stump. The sound of Cd is just different this time around; FOB has shifted from heavy guitar rifts and the Altrock sound to piano-infused melodies and a sound that mixes pop with R&B. It's not bad but it is different, much like Panic's move towards a more Beatles-esque sound. For a girl who really loves the Altrock sound this cd falls a little short for me.

Folie also has some serious collaborators on this Cd. It's almost like FOB went out and got whoever they could get to sing on their Cd. In some cases it works such as Panic's Brendon Urie's duet with Stump on 20 Dollar Nosebleed, which is the highlight of the record for me. It doesn't work in West Coast Smoker, though, because you can never figure out what Debbie Harry actually collaborated on. What a Catch, Donnie features several guest vocals at the end of the song singing lyrics from other FOB songs (There are 7 different songs, i could only name 5). Donnie is a musical masterpiece both because of Wentz's lyrics and Stump's arrangement. It's a good choice for a single but lets see if the music public likes it as much as i do.

Songs to Download: 20 Dollar Nosebleed, What a Catch Donnie, The (Shipped) Gold Standard, I Don't Care

Songs to Skip: w.a.m.s, West Coast Smoker, 27

Grade: B-


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