Tuesday, December 2, 2008

In the News: Well it's almost justice

Woman found guilty in MySpace cyber-bullying suicide case

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — A 49-year-old Missouri mother was found guilty in a landmark "cyber-bullying" case stemming from the suicide of a teenage girl who killed herself after being sent a series of taunting emails.
Lori Drew was convicted on three misdemeanor counts of illegally accessing computers but jurors at federal court in Los Angeles could not reach a verdict on a more serious charge of conspiracy.
Drew was charged following the tragic death of 13-year-old Megan Meier, who committed suicide in 2006 at her home in St Louis.
Prosecutors said Drew, her daughter and a family friend who were not charged, posed as a fictitious 16-year-old boy named "Josh Evans" who befriended Meier via a bogus account on social networking site Myspace.
Meier, who Drew suspected of spreading false rumors about her daughter, hanged herself after receiving a message from "Josh" which said the world would be a better place without her, the trial heard.
The case was the first criminal prosecution in US legal history relating to allegations of cyber-bullying.*

Vengeance is a dish best served cold. Justice, however, is infinitely more complex construct though. Justice would be for this mother to be charged on harassment, soliciting a minor and manslaughter. But in the eyes of the law she didn't do anything wrong besides illegally accessing a computer. Thats one of the great and awful things about Law. It's unbiased and Fair. It doesn't take emotions into account. Is this justice? No, but its what the law will allow. I have the feeling a 300,000 fine and 1-3 years in jail is enough to make Drew think twice about what she did.

What bothers me about this whole case is Drew as a mother. I can understand wanting to protect you're child but this takes it a little too far. I mean Drew didn't have any proof Megan was saying things about her daughter besides her daughters word for it. Megan and Drew's daughter had once been friends. Now i know that when you hit puberty things change and friends become enemies. But Drew knew about Megan's condition because he daughter had been friends with her. Yet, instead of letting her daughter fend for herself, she sets an awful example. Drew created a fake persona to torture and humiliate this girl, knowing she had medical problems. Great way to teach your daughter about being a human. When someone is mean to you exploit them for everything its worth regardless of the consequences of your actions. Teenagers get into petty squabbles and talk behind each others backs all the time. Apparently, Drew does not remember her own childhood. Its best just to let the teenagers work out their issues on their own, half the time they are back to being friends within two weeks. If every parent decided to get the little bitch who was mean to their kid, they would have to take on half the school. Parents are supposed to be Adults and teach their kids to rise above it. Not sink down even further than the child's level. I got teased plenty in middle school, but my mom never decided to take out the kids who did it to me. She simply let me learn for myself how to deal with people, because thats one of the major lessons in growing up: how to stand up for yourself.

I love that Drew is now complaining that this story has hurt her life. That she gets death threats everyday and that she had to close down her business because she's been blacklisted in the town. Boo-fucking-hoo lady. You certainly didn't think about the consequences of your actions when you created that myspace account. You don't care that you inflicted a grievous amount of pain and suffering on that little girl, who killed herself partly because of things you said to her. You don't care how much pain and suffering the parents of that girl are now going through because they lost their daughter because of your actions. Megan's parents aren't totally blameless. They should have seen the signs of distress and gotten her help. Help she wouldn't have needed if Drew hadn't interfered in a petty childish squabble. But now Drew wants people to think about the consequences of what they are doing to her? Puh-lease! You may need to leave the country, because there is no where you can go and be treated fairly. Try Antarctica, although i doubt even the penguins would be nice to you.

* Story from AFP
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