Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Don't These Fuckers Sleep?

So I live in an apartment complex about three blocks from the college i go to. I choose this apartment complex because it was within walking distance of the school so i wouldn't have to drive to classes. That being said this complex houses everything from undergrads to married couples to some older people. I just happen to be in the building with undergrads, which is fine. I tend to keep to myself anyways and i'm almost never in my apartment and when i am there i'm either studying or sleeping.

But in the 5 months i have been living here i have had people knock on my door after midnight at least 3 times. Who the fuck is knocking on people's doors after midnight? Don't these fuckers sleep? Actually they don't, the 2-8 people who live next door are up till like 3 am at least, which would be fine except they feel the need to play their music loudly until then. But seriously, no one should be knocking on my door after midnight. Even if i'm not asleep i'm not answering the fucking door at that time. For all i know your some pyshco serial killer dressed up like a cop who wants to rape me and then eat my liver. Most of the time the people knocking aren't looking for me anyways. They looking for the people who live either beside or above me, and they are too drunk to realize that 2B looks nothing like 2A or 3B. It doesn't actually bother me too much because i don't answer the door, but it is quite annoying to be woken up at 3:30 in the morning by some drunk guy banging and yelling at your door. Maybe i should put a gate up around my door.


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