Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Year in Review

From the folks at JibJab:

So I think they had the year pretty right. If you've never seen JibJab before you should hit up the site they are hilarious. Anyways a year in review survey:

How has this year been as a whole?:
Not awful. The first half of the year was rough with work and such but it got significantly better as the year went on.
Have you made any new friends this year?:
Yep, and I love them. My grad school friends are awesome.
Have you lost any old friends this year?:
Not really. There are people who i talk/see less because of distance but there still my friends.

What is your high-light of this year?:

My cousins wedding. It was nice to be with family and have fun and wear a pretty dress. I really enjoyed it.

What is the worst thing to happen to you this year?:
Hrm, I don't know. I've had a pretty good year. There was some bad things that happened to people around me though. Finding out my sister was autistic was pretty rough

Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend this year?:
Nope, but that didn't stop me from having fun and dating. Who would date me anyways?
How did you celebrate your birthday this year?:
I worked sadly and then i went home and had brownies.
How old did you turn this year?:
24. God i'm going to be ancient this year. Now i'm just heading towards 30.
Did you go to school this year?:
For the second half of the year. Best thing I ever did. Grad school is exactly where i am supposed to be even if it kicks me in the ass daily.

What new thing did you learn this year?:
Lots, I learned to tie a tie. I learned that i can actually put things together myself. And i learned to have faith in myself.
What's the most embarrassing thing to happen to you?:
Having to be told repeatedly that my my shirts were too low cut at work. Which i argue they weren't i just had a bunch of old men/women who think i should wear turtle necks everyday. Seriously, I am young and hot and if i want to wear a v-neck shirt i should be able too. It's not like my boobs were falling out, especially considering everyone else at my job could wear them.
What was your favorite tv program this year?:
Chuck... best TV show ever. I love Zachary Levi and Adam Baldwin just makes that show.
What is the worst tv show this year?:
Um... I don't typically watch bad tv shows. I was disappointed in Fringe. I thought it would be better but i still watch it.
Who was your favorite band this year?:
I think Linkin Park took it this year. There CD was fantastic and everytime i turned around i heard their songs on the radio.
What was your favorite movie this year?:
I think Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull takes it for me. Honorable mentions go to Iron Man, Sex and the City and Get Smart
What is your favorite drink this year?:
Rum and Coke, or Diet Dr. Pepper
About how many pairs of shoes have you got this year?:
Hrm, I've probably bought at least 4 pairs. I love shoes.

What do you want to happen next year?:

Outside of Grad School Stuff. I think this year is the year i find a new boyfriend. I've been single for awhile and while my FWB is fun, I think i need a real relationship no matter how temporary it is. I want to have one really good adventure too. Maybe i'll take a vacay to Boston or go skinny-dipping in Florida.
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