Friday, November 14, 2008

Is it Inevitable?

One of my friends was being funny last week and she decided she was going to find me a boyfriend. She then went into questioning my relationship preferences which i avoided telling her at all costs, which was not hard because i really have no preferences. Also, I'm dealing with the fact that my cousin is getting married next weekend. This particular cousin i am very attached to. He's six months older than me and we've done a lot together (middle school, high school, college). Growing up i knew all his friends and he knew mine. This has made me dwell on my own dating life, which i actively avoid do to this whole grad school thing. It made me restumble upon a realization i had a long time ago: I'm probably going to marry military.

It seems weird when you think about it outright. But when i think about all the other military brats i know they all seem to have married military (or become military themselves).

The Short List:
Christina- married military
Rae- married military
Adam (Rae's brother)- in military
Shawn- in military and married military
Richard- in military
Tim- in military
Jessica- dating military (before i stopped speaking to her)

In fact the only military brats i know that aren't in the military or married to military are in my family (I don't know what that says about my family). I sort just assumed i would always marry military because any other lifestyle is foreign to me. Even since turning 18, i've moved 3 times and have no signs of slowing down. Military life is the only thing i really know. It makes me wonder if i have pigeon holed myself because of this. The fact remains would i even be able to find a military man willing to put up with my antics?


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