Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Morning After: Fall Cd Releases

New broke this morning that Fall Out Boy was pushing back their new CD release six weeks because they felt it releasing it on election day was "gimmicky". In honor (and sadness) over this i thought i'd post the upcoming Fall Cd's I'm looking forward too:

~Taylor Swift
, Fearless (Nov.11th)- After a huge debut album, one of country music's reigning princesses is releasing a follow-up to her triple platinum self titled CD. The first single Love Story is a catchy pop-country hit about what else a love story. The song is thoroughly addictive (Hear it here) and if this CD is anything like her first it will be going platinum in no time.

~All-American Rejects,
When the World Comes Down (Nov. 18th)- I didn't even know AAR were releasing a new CD until a couple weeks ago when i was looking up the new Fall Out Boy album. This is the follow up to double platinum Move Along which is a staple in my CD collection. AAR is by far one of my favorite bands and I recommend seeing them live if you get the chance (and you don't mind cussing). The lead off single, Gives You Hell, is going to be the new ode to ex's everywhere. Why this song hasn't hit mainstream radio yet is mystery to me because i think its going to be a hit. Musically, however, the song is a bit of a departure from the classic AAR sound. It's a good different though and I will be definitely be picking up the CD on release day so you can look forward to my review.

~David Cook,
David Cook (Nov. 18th)- The highly anticipated debut CD from American Idol season seven winner. It's nice to have an American Idol who actually falls into my frame of music. While i love Carrie Underwood, I have always been more of a Rock girl than anything else. The first single the heavy rock ballad Light On sounds very reminiscent of bands like Our Lady Peace and Live (which is no surprise since Light On was written by Chris Cornell). Cook is staying true to the music he portrayed on the show which will resonate with his fans, but it feels like American Idol is making sure those songs are marketable. They don't want another idol losing their record labels (*cough Taylor Hicks cough*). The downside is that this CD is being released a week after David Archuleta's bringing on more comparisons and competition between the two guys. There is more than enough room for both of them.

~Fall Out Boy,
Folie a Deux (Dec. 16th)-The fifth studio album for the leading emo-rock kings. They continue the habit of picking ridiculously cool titles for their Cd's. Folie A Deux is french for a madness shared by two (their previous Cd Infinity on High was a Van Gogh reference). The lead-off single with a catchy chorus is the aptly titled I Don't Care which is basically making a mockery of the way Pop Culture is today. I am amazed at the way Fall Out Boy pumps out Cd's. Folie A Deux is coming out a mere 10 months after Infinity on High. Between recording, touring, and getting married I don't know how the boys in Fall Out Boy find time for sleep. I'm exicted for the new CD any way the do it and i'm sure all of their fans feel the same way.

In other music related news: They are re-releasing the Wicked Soundtrack for the musicals fifth anniversary. The Two disc set includes the original soundtrack as well as a second disc with previously unheard songs that didn't make the actual show, songs from the German and Japanese versions, as well as Dance mix of Defying Gravity.

Also, i just picked up Linkin Park's 2007 album
Minutes to Midnight and i'm wondering why i didn't pick it up sooner. It's a growth from Hybrid Theory and Meteora in a good way. It has alot of the classic rap/rock mash up but they have evolved more into rock realm. The potent ballad Leave Out all the Rest is the first time a Linkin Park song almost made me cry. I think if i had to pick out a song for my funeral this would be it.


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