Sunday, September 14, 2008

Walmart= New Jersey?

So recently I have started to do my own grocery shopping. Grocery shopping before had always consisted of stopping by Food Lion on the way home to grab something from dinner. But now that i walk to work and I haven't found the Food Lion in Greenville yet, I've been doing my food shopping at Walmart. What a mistake. Food shopping at Walmart is like driving in New Jersey. People are doing whatever is convenient for them. They won't get out of your way. They stop wherever they feel like it. You can't turn around. People look at you like they are going to cuss at you every three seconds. It was bumper to bumper madness. What should have taken all of an hour to do managed to take almost three. I was ready to kill people by the time i left. What amazed me the most was how inconsiderate everyone was. I mean people just didn't care if their carts were in the way. They didn't care if they blocked the whole isle while they were halfway down it looking at whatever. I mean one lady looked like i was inconveniencing her to move her cart from blocking the isle. There were some isles i couldn't even get down. I gave up even trying to find certain things. Needless to say I don't have any notion to go back anytime soon.
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