Sunday, September 7, 2008

Status Update: A New Direction

So for those of you who haven't heard from me in awhile and are wondering what I am up too, it's been a very busy month. First of all, in my never ending quest to move all the time, I have moved again. This time to bright and sunny Greenville, North Carolina (and it’s been raining since I got here frickin hurricanes). So I’ve been spending alot of time unpacking my first apartment. Moving in was no piece of cake, as I live on the second floor of my apartment complex. And I have a two bedroom apartment and no roommate, which leaves me an empty room I have no idea what to do with. So suggestions are welcome.

Second, I was admitted into ECU's Master program for history. Now anyone who has lived in NC knows that ECU is considered a party school. But lets be honest, it's me; the likelihood of me partying and getting drunk everynight is rather minimal. But I digress, I've been in class for 3 weeks and it’s tough. I will not be sailing through class like I did in undergrad, but it’s totally worth it. I'm a little daunted by the fact that I have 20 months to write a 100 page thesis that I don't have a topic for yet. I'm even more inundated by the fact that my German and French is not up to par and that Russian is probably on my itinerary as well. So pity me and if you have suggestions for a thesis I’ll take those as well.
Third, I got a totally awesome new job. Not that I didn’t love working for the bank because I did, but I’m doing something now that is much more up my alley. I got a graduate assistantship to work at ECU’s library doing cataloging. The best part is what I’m cataloging. ECU’s library got some 80,000 pictures from the local newspaper from the years 1949-1967. It is imaging 6000 of them for a website that will make them searchable for research. My job is to look at the pictures and create titles and blurbs for them. I’ve only been doing it for a few days and I already love it. Some of these pictures are fantastic. I mean who wouldn’t love a job where they get to look at old photos all day long?
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