Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics: Men's Team Gymnastics

So I love the Olympics. There is something about international competition in however many sports they have now, that is exhilarating. And while i could blog all day about Michael Phelps and the Men's Relay team (did you see that finish?), My concern is the Men's Gymnastic team.

I Should note i am a huge fan of the Hamm brothers. They are pretty much as awesome as you can get in Men's gymnastics. So i was both sad and scared when i had heard that both of them had pulled out of the Olympics due to injuries. While it is must more important for them to deal with injuries than the Olympics, i had to wonder what this was going to do to our chances.

Let me say i was impressed with how well the Men's team did. They came in at a huge disadvantage and they pulled off a bronze. I have already found a new favorites in Jonathon Horton and Alexander Artemev (He gets bonus points for making the pommel horse exciting). But please when you've got me all amped up and rooting for you, don't blow it by opening your mouth. I was cheering and all impressed and then one of the men opens their mouths and says something as stupid as "We're number 1 dog." Please, even Randy Jackson knows thats in bad taste. You're on national tv and you sound like an idiot. I'm not saying the gymnasts shouldn't talk. I'm simply saying your on international tv try to sound edjucated. And screaming "What's up boyee" is not going to do it.
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