Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics: Best Thing About Michael Phelps

So Michael Phelps mania has hit full blast now that he has broken Olympics records winning eight gold medals in a single Olympics and fourteen Olympic gold medals total. Michael Phelps is entirely deserving of everything he gets. He comes off hardworking, humble, genuine, sweet and like the boy next door. I mean even when the media tries to make it all about him, he manages to make sure his relay team gets credit too. Even if you don't want to it's really hard not to like Michael Phelps (not a problem for me, i think he's adorable).

But by far the best thing about watching Michael Phelps and his quest for eight gold medals in a single Olympics is his mom. Debbie Phelps is just like every mom in America. She roots her kid on even though it is so stressful for her that she is gripping the knees of any poor person sitting next to her. In the 4X100 medley relay, you can hear her yelling "Go Jason" (for Jason Lezak who was swimming anchor that race) several times. You can see the shock on her face several times when her son won in nailbitter races. Her face almost is a mirror of every American's face who has been watching the races. You can tell she is totally stressed and she wants her kid to succedd so badly. If she had her hands covering her eyes, she would be exactly like my mom watching my sister bat when she played softball. If that wasn't enough Johnson & Johnson has named Debbie Phelps the "Offical Mom of the Olympic games." Johnson & Johnson is going to give money to charity in Debbie Phelps name.

*Picture stolen from USA today.
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