Monday, July 21, 2008

Miltary Brats

I've been raised a military brat for the vast majority of my life. Growing up on base (or next to base) gave me a certain idea of the way life was. There are just certain things that come normal to military brats like moving all the time, or parents being away on deployment, helicopters flying overhead and knowing what the PX was. It wasn't until my stepdad retired from the military, that i really started to realize that my life was different from others. We moved to a town where people's families had lived their for generations and their great-great-grandpa's were friends. In high school that struck me as sort of odd but i didn't think about it too much.

Now that i'm an adult i'm wondering how skewed my context of what normal life is. I'm friends with people who have lived in the same town their whole life. They have friends they have known since pre-school. (I have exactly one freind i've known since elementary school and our extent of talking is on myspace).And they have every desire to graduate college and move back to the same town they lived in their whole lives, next to their parents, get married and have kids. While i see nothing wrong with the get married and have kids parent, I can't imagine living in the same town for the rest of my life. I can't imagine living in the same town for more than ten years. This should be evident since i'm about to move for the third time since i turned eighteen. It's just normal for me to get tired of place and want something new, where i can start over and no one knows me. Maybe i just want to know what else is out there. Either way it got me thinking is it just my reality that is skewed or do all military brats have this thought too? Can after a lifetime of moving around, we settle in one place? Or is it just me?

It's probably just me.
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