Monday, April 7, 2008

Boys of Summer

It's my favorite season of year: Baseball season. Spring is awesome because it means my New York Yankees are back in pinstripes. Yes, they may be called the Evil Empire but thats just cause everyone else is jealous. They make this sport look good, before i get called some bandwagon fan (isn't the Red Sox the wagon everyone is supposed to be jumping on now?) my family is from Jersey. I grew up with my cousin and uncle who were huge Yankees fans and it sort of rubbed off. So in honor of the boys of summer here is my top five favorite Yankee's players ever:

5. Yogi Berra- how do you not love Yogi? Besides being the name for one of the most famous cartoon characters ever, he helped win 10 world series championships and then went on to win 3 world series as a coach for the Mets. Plus he coined one of the most famous phrases in baseball "It ain't over till it's over."

4. Mariano Rivera- He is quite possibly the best closer in Baseball History. The man is a legend. He has his own theme song and while i have never had the privilege to actually go to Yankee stadium, i still get chills when i hear the notes of Enter Sandman playing through my TV as i watch the game. He's like mighty mouse "Here i come to save the day."

3. Mickey Mantle- while the Oklahoma kid was not universally loved when he first came to the Yankee mostly for being injury prone and not being Joe DiMaggio (and who can be?) you can't help but warm up to Mantle. Despite all that he was a Triple Crown winner and a switch hitter to boot. He does hold the all time world series home run record at 18.

2. Derek Jeter- Oh how can you not love the current captain and golden boy for the yanks? People can use whatever statistics they want to drag Jeter down but it doesn't actually work (I'm looking at you Red Sox Fans) the fact of the matter is he is still awesome. Any Player who would willingly dive into the stands and risk the chance of messing up their pretty face just to make a catch deserves the title of a clutch player. Plus you never hear about Jeter getting into Bar fights, using steroids nor does he act like the Team is all about him either (looking at you A-Rod).

1. Joe DiMaggio- What can be said about Joltin' Joe? Not only does he wear my favorite number (5), he married Marylin Monroe and even after the divorce and her subsequent death he still sent roses to her grave site every year. Besides that a batting average of .325 and he's the only player to be selected to the all-star game every year he played, makes the Yankee clipper my favorite player of all time.
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