Thursday, March 20, 2008

Who Are You Kidding?

I saw something recently i hadn't seen in awhile. It was a girl wearing one of those shirts that said "Cheerleaders are Dancers who have gone retarded." The quote is from the movie Bring It On, if you have been living under a rock. Now having been a dancer, i can understand the concept of that quote. But lets be honest Cheerleading and Dancing are two very different things. What bothered me was the girl looked like the picture.

Not exactly like that but you get the point. If you are seriously overweight you have zero right to be walking around wearing a shirt slamming cheerleaders. Now i am in no position to talk about your weight. I am not a size 2 by any means, let it be known i am also not a size 28 by any means either. But really wearing that shirt? You should just be smacked. You are by no means a dancer in fact you probably couldn't spell pirouette let alone tell me what it is. You might have years of pent up anger from being teased by cheerleaders in high school. I was a cheerleader for all of one season before i realized how vile, shallow and bitchy most of them were (not all just most). And i understand what its like to be ostracized, but really you are not doing any favors by wearing that shirt. You basically just look like a girl whose still pissed off about getting picked on in gym class (not better if your still in high school). Get over it. On the bright side most of the girls go on to get pregnant right out of high school and marry their loser boyfriends who end up cheating on them with their new secretary. Either way lose the shirt.
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