Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Top Ten Reasons It Sucks To Work in Customer Service

So we've all had to do it at one point in time or another: work in customer service. If you are one of the few lucky people who have never had a job in customer service, well i have to wonder how you ended up reading my blog. Even if you are one of those lucky ones chances are you've been to a store and had to deal with some of this crap. So the Definitive list of the top ten things that suck about working in customer service.

10. Scams- we've all seen them. One of us might have tried to pull one once or twice. The guy that takes a 2 year old used VCR into walmart for a full refund, or the guy who swears the bank shorted him a hundred dollars. These people make it so hard for honest people to get a break. Cynics rejoice.

9. People who take forever - We have all gotten behind one of these people in line before. They can't make a decision on what they want and the hold up the whole line. Or they decide to write a check for a fifteen dollar item and can't find their checkbook. They forgot something and instead of letting people pass while someone runs to get it they make everyone wait while they call up a stock boy to go find it. These people are only mildly less annoying than....

8. People who are in a rush -Now i admit freely i have been one of these people often at walmart on my lunch break. They come in already flustered and in a hurry and then get mad when you take thirty seconds longer than the time they have allotted. Then they get angry which doesn't make the situation better because as someone who has worked many various customer service jobs, angry customers get two reactions: a. they get the person who does whatever they want because they want to get them out the door as fast as possible or B. they get a person who doesn't want to do them any favors because they don't want to be yelled at and treated like shit. In my case i often end up behind...

7. People who can't use technology -It never fails that i end behind this person at self-checkout. If you cannot use technology then don't. If you have 50 items and have never used self-checkout before than i'm thinking today is not the day to start. You are slow. You have to drive the assistant nuts because they have to come over every 3.5 seconds to put in their passcode to unlock the system you screwed up by not knowing how to use the machine.

6. Repetition- this has to be the single most annoying thing about working in customer service. After the first couple months your job becomes so ingrained that you don't even have to think about doing it. Trust me, waiting tables is down to a science. I don't even have to think about it my body goes into auto-pilot when i walk into work. People are always telling me to smile at my non-waitressing job. What they don't understand is that my mouth is taking a break from all the auto-smiling i do waitressing. I get excited for days when i get to do something else because it's like hey brain you still work up there? I know if things that get old for me, then people who have to file paper work must really go nuts.

5. Cell Phones- You know it's not the actual cell phone that is the problem it is the person holding it. Nothing is more annoying than trying to ask a customer a question and they are on their cell phones like their conversation about Britney spears is sooo much more important than you actually trying to help them. What worse is the look they give you like how dare you interrupt me to try to take my food order/ cash check/ assist in buying something/etc. You ever got stuck behind one of these people in a line before. It makes you want to cut their ears off so they can't hear anymore. The worst part is in this day and age when everyone and their brother has one that people don't realize how rude they are being. They seem to think it's perfectly acceptable to walk around talking loudly on their phones in the bank/ walmart/library/ fast food establishment.

4.Non-Tippers- Now i personally believe that their is a special level of hell reserved for these people already. I also know that that only a specific group of customer service workers has to deal with these people but who cares. These people should be banned from public places entirely. I think most of it is chalked up to stupidity but really if you go into a restaurant and sit their for 30 minutes while some poor person has to wait on you (for typically 2.13 an hour) and then you don't even think the clean-up they have to do for you is worth a dollar. How cheap are you to not even leave a dollar? If your that broke you shouldn't be eating out/ordering food/ getting a haircut/ etc. If i placed a gypsy voodoo curse on all the people who stiffed me it would make up the entire state of Wisconsin.

3.People who don't understand the rules- these people just baffle me. How hard is it to understand that its a rule and you can't do anything about it. If there is a 30 day return policy than don't get mad when you can't return it on day 45. If you don't have any money in your bank account then you can't cash a four hundred dollar check. If the restaurant doesn't serve ham and cheese sandwiches don't order it and make the cook scramble to find something. Thats like asking a cop to give a ticket to the guy who stole your parking lot. You are wasting our time and effort. Whats worse is when they try to argue the rules with you or say that "such and such" does it this way. I don't give a shit if "such and such" does it that way. If they are so good why are you at my store giving me a hard time. Please take your business elsewhere. That is why it is captialism. You have the right to annoy someone else!

2. Coworkers- This is all jobs not just customer service related ones. Coworkers can be your best freinds and your worst enemies. They can make your day so much better or they can make you dread going in at all. We all have one coworker that drives us up the wall. Whether they constantly undermine you, or they steal your clients, or they just talk too damn much about nonsense. It's enough to make you want to bang your head into a wall for hours. But you can't work without them, so if you have one that makes you want to go to insane asylum i suggest taking perkeset before you go into work.

1. Stupid People- yes this may seem repetitive because stupid people are often unable to use technology, can't follow the rules and are unhumanly slow. But they are so much worse than that. These are the people who just don't get it. No matter how many times you tell them something they are back again in two days asking you the same question. They never learn and they never will. They test your patience and your resolve and they make you wonder what is going on with the education system in america. Lets face it, a person is smart. People as a whole are dumber than rocks. Thats why the founding fathers instituted the electoral college (although they had it set up differently) because the masses of america would vote a Monkey into the white house if they had the chance. These people are the real reason working in customer service sucks.
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