Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Morning After: Pretty. Odd. By Panic at the Disco

Title: Pretty Odd.
Artist: Panic at the Disco
Review: So I picked up Panic (sans the exclamation point) at the Disco's new Album
Pretty. Odd. (periods required). Being a fan of Panic's first album A Fever You Can't Sweat out, I figured the new album would be more of the same. Now let it be known, I typically do not buy Album on the day they are released. I fully believe in waiting until i know I'm going to like an album before i buy it, typically that means i like at least 2 songs off it. Some Bands, however, i assume i will like because i liked there previous album. Thats what happened here, but i digress.

Pretty. Odd. basically sums up what i thought on the first run through of this album. It was not at all what i expected from the Panic boys. That doesn't mean it was bad it was just very different from Fever. Gone are the verbose song titles which i both loved and hated. They were a pain to talk about, but there is something poetic about naming a song "The only difference between suicide and martyrdom is press coverage." Also gone is the guyliner and the hard rock sounds that i loved in songs like Camisado and London Beckons. It's been replaced by softer more melodic sound. Many music critics are comparing this album to the Beatles Sgt. Pepper and while i have never heard the Sgt. Pepper album, i can hear the Beatles in Pretty. Odd. For anyone who loved the fast-paced heavy drum beat induced sound of A Fever you Can't Sweat out, I'm not sure your going to love Pretty. Odd. But if your a fan of the band the CD is worth picking up. Sure, it's more Beatles than FallOut Boy, but thats not a bad thing. The band has matured and with that so has their sound. Just be prepared to hear something very different than what you were used to from the Panic Boys.

Songs to Download: Nine in the Afternoon, Pas De Cheval, That Green Gentleman

Songs to Skip: She Had The World, Behind the Sea, Mad as Rabbits

Grade: B-


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