Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dancing on the Bar of Life

Life isn't easy, nor is it fair. At least nothing in my life has ever come easy and very few times has anything been fair. Not to say that my life sucks, parts of it suck sure; parts of everyone's life suck. Which is why i opt to dance on the bar of life. Sometimes it's great: I'm the center of attention, everything is going right, the drinks are free and the guys are cute. Other times its awful: I'm upstaged by a hot blond with fake boobs, my heels are killing me, I can't get the bartender to pay attention, or I'm too drunk and i fall off the bar. For the record this is a metaphor, if you don't know what that is go look it up or better yet go back to 10th grade English. I have never actually fallen off a bar. Either way I'm going to dance through it, because life is way to short to not have fun with it. I suggest grabbing your dancing shoes and hitting the bar with me.
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